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New Mexico Tribune is printed Wednesday and Sunday. The following ad rates are effective August 1, 2017.


Contract rates

Ad sizeCPM
Top Leaderboard Homepage (D)$17.35
Square ROS (D)$16.15
Footer Leaderboard ROS (D)$13.35
Logo Sponsor Homepage (D)$13.10
Top Leaderboard (E)$12.65
Banner Homepage (M)$12.45

D = Desktop version
M = Mobile version
E = Email Newsletters

Ad Sizes


Pricing and Tax

Local display advertising rates are non-commissionable. Retail display advertising rates apply to most firms, individuals, and associations selling goods/services in the state of NM. Retail rates do not apply to other rate classifications that the Publisher has or will establish (e.g., National, Classified or Category rates). The Publisher determines rate classifications. Tax is not included on the rates stated within the rate card. Any federal, state or local taxes imposed on the printing of advertising material or on the sale of advertising space in this Newspaper shall be assumed and paid by the Advertiser. Advertising is a service and is taxable in New Mexico to all Advertisers, including non-profit organizations. A Type 5 Resale certificate is required of advertising Agencies to be exempt from New Mexico state gross receipts tax.


Guaranteed Position Charge

  • Guaranteed position is offered at a 25% premium based on availability
    Check with your account executive for details.


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