Solomon Kandie and Roxanne Wegman place 1st in Duke City Marathon

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The Duke City Marathon was held in Albuquerque on Sunday morning, drawing in runners throughout the southwest United States to participate one of New Mexico’s signature racing events.

Solomon Kandie, winner of the 2015 and 2016 Duke City Marathons, finished in 1st place with a time of 2:37:34. Julius Kosgei and Xavier Delatorre followed with times of 2:43:48 and 2:47:55, respectively. Kandie, an Albuquerque resident, has won the marathon a total five times.

Solomon Kandie accepts 1st place award

This was Kosgei’s second time running Duke City. The Santa Fe resident placed 2nd in the 2015 marathon.

Of the 2017 race, Kosgei said, “This time, there were a lot of spectators all the way. I liked the way that they set it up here.”

Delatorre began running only in last December. But after placing third in one of the biggest marathons in New Mexico, he seems like a natural.

“I won the one I ran back in spring, but that was a smaller one,” he said. After taking a week off following Duke City Marathon, Delatorre will begin training for the upcoming Boston Marathon.

For women, Roxanne Wegman came in first with a time of 3:13:27. Just a few short minutes later, Jaime Dawes finished at 3:15:26 and Cristin Elder wrapped up the top three with a time of 3:16:02.

Roxanne Wegman, winner in women’s category, accepts award

Though this was her first road marathon, Wegman is a running veteran with over fifteen years of training under her belt. She has competed in her share of ultramarathons and triathlons in the past. However, the Fort Bliss (TX) resident did find the paved terrain more “pounding” and difficult than trails.

“I love ultras and I love triathlons…It was kind of a last-minute kind of thing. A friend told me about the Duke City and I thought, ‘Why not? I haven’t done one yet.’”

As far as weather goes, the climate was ideal for running 26.2 miles. Clear skies and an occasional cool breeze made the tiresome journey worthwhile. Spectators watched comfortably as friends and family members crossed the finish line. Officials said that this was one of the best turnouts in marathon’s 34-year history.

Leticia Crisp, a marathon participant, said, “It’s a great area to have a marathon. As you get further out, there’s beautiful scenery. The balloons are out, and running in the morning is just beautiful.”

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