As many as fifty-three space flights are expected to take off from the Space Coast of Florida in 2021, the vice commander of 45th Space Wing stated on January 12. ‘In our prediction, we have 53 deployments with one that is on the books,’ Colonel Brande Walton informed the Florida National Space Club at an online session. The SpaceX Falcon 9 release of the Turkish communications satellite on January 7 was the very first orbital spaceflight of the year. The 45th Space Wing of the United States Space Force, based at the Patrick Space Force Base which is in Florida, regulates East Coast space launch programs, such as commercial, civil as well as military launches. In Florida in the year 2020, a record of 31 space flights have been carried out, Walton added.

As launch dates vary from month – to – month, the 2021 prediction is only a projection. Walton stated she considers 3 of the 2021 flights, two by SpaceX Agency and one by Boeing firm, to be NASA’s human spaceflight missions. It is anticipated that SpaceX will begin to periodically deploy batches of internet satellites from Starlink over the next year.  45th Space Wing is now planning to deploy a new spacecraft, the Vulcan Centaur of the United Launch Alliance, which is expected to operate for the very first time in late 2021. There is a new commander for the 45th Space Wing, Brigadier General Stephen Purdy, who took the oath of office on January 5.

From a wing to the space delta, the 45th Space Wing controlling the Florida’s space mission ranges was modified. The Space Force renamed its units’ deltas in order to establish its own name, independent from the Air Force. The delta wing is the icon used for its logo, seal and flag by the service. The transition of wings to deltas began in 2019 when Space Force removed three previous United States Space wings of the Air Force and supplemented by two garrison commands as well as nine deltas. Deltas concentrate on particular missions, while garrisons offer deltas allocated to their installations with support functions.

The 45th accounts to the Space Operations Command, one of the three main field commands of Space Force, as a delta concentrates on space launches. A garrison command at the Patrick Air Force Base conducts the wing’s base support roles. On November 10, the Air Force Secretary declared that Brigadier General Stephen Purdy had been appointed commander of the United States 45th Space Wing of the Space Force as well as the Eastern Range Director at the Patrick Air Force Base situated in Florida. Prior to his promotion, he worked at the Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado, as the Space Force’s chief of plans, projects, and financial management.

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