Courses in space technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) are some of the new courses that the University of Bangalore is preparing to offer to its students in the coming academic year. The vice-chancellor, Prof Venugopal KR, after the presentation of the institutions work in the previous year and speculated plans for the coming year at the institutions 55th convocation, stated that the university had already launched new courses like Bachelor of Science in agricultural skills and entrepreneurship, MA in Tibetan literature and history, forensic science, human disease and genetics, and filmmaking.  The VC further stated the prospect of introducing new-age courses like MTech in machine learning, aerospace, and the Internet of Things and MSc in space science and space technology.

The chairman of the Indian Space Research Organization (Isro) K Sivan further called for the students to indulge in calculated risks, look into ideas, and not be afraid to fail after graduating from college. He further stated that students possessed varied professional opportunities in this current generation and urged the students to embrace each challenge as an opportunity to be exploited and utilized to the maximum. Sivan outlined various fields that offer numerous opportunities ranging from digital India to hi-tech manufacturing. In his statement, Sivan highlighted each failure as a well-learned lesson and expounded that India’s success was based on spectacular failures. He termed the innovations being made especially in coming up with new ideas, which may be termed absurd as the breakthrough stating that lack of failure indicated lack of hard work.

During the convocation, the total number of eligible candidates who received numerous degrees was 56,172. One hundred ninety-six deserving students were earned a record of 319 gold medals as well as 90 cash prizes; 184 PhDs were given in various disciplines. Just gold medalists, the prize winners as well as Ph.D. award winners were welcomed in person to be able to attend the convocation function due to Covid-19 condition and limitations. The others were looking at it online.

ISRO Chairman K Sivan, urging students to target the stars, stated, “I have learned a valuable lesson: career and life are not about making the right decisions, but about creating the correct benefits available to you.” Talking at Bangalore University’s yearly convocation function on Saturday, Sivan stated, “I also realized that something greater is preparing for you if something is withheld.” He informed students to reach for the moon and that they were going to land in the stars if they failed.

For the Human Space Travel mission, ISRO is designing green propulsion, stated ISRO Chairman K Sivan. He continued that this method will be followed in the future by all propulsion stages. Also, he also claimed that the Space Agency carried out the technology transition of the space-grade lithium-ion batteries to a market. “This innovation is valuable for broad electric vehicle implementation, without remaining permanently dependent on the foreign sources,” he added.

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