Sessions, protesters takes border wall fight to Las Cruces

Published: April 15, 2018 11:32 amViews: 73

LAS CRUCES – Jeff Sessions, the U.S. Attorney General, was in Las Cruces on Wednesday speaking to members of  southwestern border sheriffs, who were holding their annual spring convention in Las Cruces last week.

While Sessions was inside telling the border sheriffs to crack down on drug smuggling and anyone else crossing the border, dozens of immigrant rights activists protested outside the meeting. The activists chanted in Spanish the region is not a “war zone” for drug smuggling, and also held signs that protested the deployment of National Guard troops and the proposed border wall.

Sessions’ trip to Las Cruces comes just as construction begins on 20 miles of steel fencing nearby, along with thousands of National Guard troops deployed to the Mexico border in Texas and Arizona by President Trump.

Dona Ana County Sheriff Vigil, whose jurisdiction includes the Mexico border, doubted that investing in a wall is an appropriate use of funds to combat the flow of drugs in the area. Vigil said any additional potential spending on a border wall should instead go toward acquiring more technology and filling other needs.

“Just the building of the wall, that’s going to be a humongous price,” he said. “Why not use some of that money to try to address some of the issues here in the counties?”