Poll: 56% of New Mexicans disapprove of Trump

By: July 24, 2017 2:41 pmViews: 51

According to a new Gallup Poll, Trump’s approval rating sits at 37%, while disapproval rating is 56% in New Mexico. That approval rating is the 11th-lowest of any state, tied with Rhode Island. The poll asked 648 people in New Mexico with an 8% margin of error.

Gallup’s text analysis of the poll and reason for the numbers mentioned the TrumpCare overhaul.

“Trump and the Republican majority have yet to achieve many of their hoped-for policy goals, including repeal of the Affordable Care Act and tax reform,” Gallup’s analysts wrote.

Another recent Gallup poll said New Mexico’s approval rating of Obamacare is 53% versus 44% who disapprove of the Affordable Care Act.

Nationally, this week’s poll analysis indicated the Trump presidency is controversial, his executive order attempts on immigration, his firing of the Director of the FBI for investigating the Trump campaign’s ties with Russia, and his continued flouting of political decorum.

Trump and the Republican majority have yet to achieve any of their hoped-for policy goals, including Trumpcare and tax reform. Almost half of the residents in 17 states approve of the job he was doing. But in 17 other states, his approval rating was 30% or less.

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