JM has signed a deal with Axpo, a major European renewable energy developer and marketer focused on wind and solar power developments. Axpo will supply Johnson Matthey’s new Konin plant with green energy, which is planned to begin commissioning in the year 2022 to supply vehicle platforms for development in 2024. The use of 100% renewable electricity would dramatically minimize the plant’s carbon emissions and help Poland’s transition to a lower emissions economy. The new facility is a significant step in commercializing eLNO®, JM’s group of sophisticated, nickel-rich cathode structures for automobile battery applications developed for the PHEV/BEV.

The solid sustainability credentials of eLNO lead to a competitive supply chain for batteries. Acquiring 100% green energy from day one shows the dedication of Johnson Matthey to conservation both now as well as in the future. It is the first milestone in the company’s strategy to engage in strategic alliances to build new long-term renewable power sources as the battery materials industry increases its production capability. Christian Günther, Chief Executive Officer, Battery Materials at the JM firm, stated: “It is an energy-consuming process to make battery materials.” Our Konin plant would dramatically improve JM’s total energy usage while operating at target output, therefore important that we reduce its carbon impact from the outset to ensure a healthy battery value chain.

 “It’s not sufficient for us to undertake a major role in the future of the electric vehicles; sustainability is at the core of all we do at the Johnson Matthey firm even as we aim to make the globe a cleaner, healthier area.” Johnson Matthey recently signed a multi-million-pound contract and joint venture partnership with the SPC Energy AG Company to distribute additional sustainable fuel cell materials. JM will supply SFC Energy AG (SFC), a world pioneer of hydrogen as well as direct methanol fuel cells, which are meant for mobile hybrid and stationary power systems, with 400,000 Direct Methanol MEA fuel cell materials. The deal starts for a term of a minimum of three years in February 2021.

With the aim of developing versatile fuel cell systems, JM has been collaborating with SFC for about 20 years. Johnson Matthey, Managing Director in charge of New Markets and Fuel Cells, Johnson Godden, stated: “JM is pleased to further develop on our strong partnership with SFC.” The mobility technologies provided by SFC provide another critical road to decarbonization as we strive to achieve our quest for a safer, healthier planet together.” Johnson Matthey has also confirmed the recruitment of Stephen Oxley as the chief financial officer starting April 2021. As acting CFO, Karen Hayzen-Smith will step down and remain in her position as the Group Financial Controller.

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