Haliade-X wind turbines, which are almost the Eiffel Tower’s size, are expected to be the global offshore wind industry’s game-changer. One turbine has the ability to power over 16,000 homes at very competitive rates. More than 200 giant turbines would be installed by Wilson’s company, SSE, in the next five years. These turbines would be built in the Dogger Bank wind farm that is located off the east coast of the United Kingdom, in the North Sea. After the turbines are completed and spinning, they are expected to generate enough power that would be supplied to over 6 million homes. This is 5% of the total UK’s power requirements.

Haliade-X is one of the many offshore wind projects in the North Sea, which is known globally to be a hot spot for renewable wind energy projects. Many nations along its coast, such as Germany, UK, Netherlands, and Denmark, are planning to generate power from offshore turbines with the aim of meeting half of their power requirements by the 2040s.  There are many planned and proposed offshore wind farm projects across the globe, especially in Europe, the US coasts, and East Asia. The Haliade-X is one of these many projects and is expected to play a vital role in carbon neutrality and energy transition.

The energy industry is working so hard to boost wind technology and ensure that the turbines been installed are more efficient and powerful. This is making them bigger and better. The installation of offshore wind projects would help reduce reliance on fossil fuels and coal. As a result, many countries would reduce carbon emissions, which would help achieve world climate goals.  Sara Hastings-Simon said that the sheer scale of these turbines is just amazing and wonderful. They are so huge and taller than the Washington Monument, almost the Empire State Building’s size. These Haliade-X turbines’ height allows them to tap stronger and steadier winds even at very higher altitudes.

Their huge sizes help to increase their capacity to capture more wind per turbine. Sara said that one single sweep from these turbines is capable of powering an average house for a day or two.  Kees van der Leun, director at Guidehouse Consultants in the Netherlands and a renewable energy consultant, said that in this new design, a wind farm that needed 500 conventional wind turbines before would now need only 80-90 turbines and are more efficient.


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