There is high speculation that Google is the next guru in integrating the future. The company is at work to ensure it’s the next push in the frontier toward working for the future. According to a statement by Shuli Goodman, the Executive Director at LF Energy, Google is destined to evolve into an energy company soon compared to most companies 

Despite this prediction seeming very spontaneous, it has been a viable next investment option for the tech giant for a long time. Over the last 10 years, Google has steadily worked to increase its footprint in the conventional utility market.

The energy market is currently undergoing a shift in terms of efficiency in use and output. There are many parts involved in making renewable energy projects to work as intended with a varying level of partnerships required. The energy sector is built on alliances between vendors, suppliers, utilities, regulators, and staking parties. Because of this, many considerations are needed before people reach a decision causing a logjam.

According to Goodman, the industry cannot work slowly to get rid of the log jam, and he compared the process to pushing a log jam with explosives. The sector is in a small crawl towards attaining its targets. However, the project still needs some push to move quickly so as to attain the power reaction, electrification, and grid decarbonization goals. 

Google is significantly championing the renewable energy move, placing interests in emerging markets, including sustainable energy supply for enterprises at large. Google previously worked to establish itself as a significant party in the subjugation of renewable energy, offering it a bundle package for many business entities who couldn’t manage to pay a wholesome energy bundle cost. Likewise, the company is focused on attaining carbon neutrality for its operations stemming from its supply lines to reduce its carbon footprint. 

The company comes a long way in paving the way for sustainable energy, becoming a staple in everyday life. Google intends to place itself as part of the next giants in renewable energy by seeking out partnerships with renewable energy startup companies throwing its weight and support behind research and development of more efficient energy generation methods. The company gains twofold from these unions, the chance to create a greener, more sustainable future while benefitting from the advantage of letting differentiated companies work on the specifics as it offers financial support.

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