Electric vehicles on the roads are adding up every day. They range from small cars to big SUVs and sedans, but their e0mobility has some issues. However, this should not worry you. Caiyang Wei, backed by German high-tech multinational Bosch, has innovated an automatic electric cars’ transmission system for maximum balance between power and efficiency. The system will lower the total incurred cost for the consumer and carmaker. Wei is a Ph.D. candidate at the Eindhoven University of Technology, and he recently defended his thesis. 

Today, most of the market’s electric vehicles have single-speed transmission, which allows power to move from the motor to the wheels using a fixed transmission. Fixed transmissions usually have a simple design and offer better driving performance at low speeds. Large batteries and motors consume more energy, hence not ideal for the car’s power usage, cost, and driving range. 

A continuously variable transmission (CVT) is a suitable solution to these problems. CVT system is mainly used in conventional vehicles. It enables the car to alter the revolutions per minute (RPM) automatically, and torquing the car’s motor depending on the speed, maintaining a maximum balance between performance and efficiency. 

Bosch’s engineers and researchers, together with Caiyang Wei, have come up with a new CVT version that consequently boosts electric car’s performance and efficiency. Apart from taking into account the vehicle’s energy usage, speed, and heat generation, the new CVT also caters to the physical design of the vehicle’s transmission system and electric motor through the optimization method. 

Wei and Bosch have come up with a new control system known as CVT4EV, which will provide higher top speeds, faster accelerations, and improved torque. The CVT would also guarantee lower energy usage when driving an electric motor in an efficient point. The CVT makes the motor more compact as a result of the electric motor’s decreased torque and speed requirements. 

Wei said that he is a happy man and pleased with his results after four years of research. He was carrying out his research at the Control Systems Technology group in the Mechanical Engineering Department. Wei added that despite the fact that many electric vehicles in the market have single-speed transmissions, there are still competitive alternatives such as the newly developed CVT, which is a multi-speed transmission. He added that better collaboration and teamwork made the project successful. 


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