On Tuesday, November 17, the Associated Students of Madison (ADM) held a meeting to discuss A new motion about renewable power at UW-Madison. The first discussion involved the UW Divestment Coalition, which comprises ten student groups who come from various UW-system campuses. These groups urge that the UW system campuses get money from dishonest sources. The main focus was on fossil fuel stock and bonds divestment and the UW System decrements resulting from investing in fossil fuels. 

Andrew Erickson, a member of the UW Divestment Coalition and UW Lacrosse student, said that they carried out research during the month of March and found that renewable energy has been giving better profits for the last six years. He added that there is an essential need to divest since the gas and oil industry is not doing well. 

The UW Divestment Coalition’s first goal is divesting from fossil fuel companies within a period of 3-5 years and reinvesting in renewable energy companies. They also urge the UW-Board of Regents to have an election so as to have transparency about the UW System investments. The Campus Leaders for Energy Action Now (CLEAN) were the second to present their Special Order. This student group has a great commitment to fighting climate change. 

CLEAN, a UW-Madison student coalition, wants Chancellor Rebecca Blank to sign an agreement that advocates that by 2030, there should be 100% renewable electricity and by 2035 100% total renewable energy at UW-Madison. Maya Barwick, Clean Representative, said that many people say that resilience and adaptation are the solutions to climate change. However, they do not provide a satisfactory solution in the long-run. He said that the only genuine and long-lasting solution is preventing emissions of fossil fuels. 

CLEAN and ASM Sustainability Committee will sponsor the Resolution Calling for Renewable Energy Commitment, asking UW-Madison to commit to CLEAN’s goals. The resolution was passed unanimously, meaning it will exact significant pressure on the University, demanding quick action be taken. Another proposal was asking UW-Madison to continue paying staff, postdocs, faculty, and graduate students who telecommute irrespective of where they live. 

The next meeting for the future student council will be on December 1, and this report will be discussed in detail and voted for. Chair Matthew Mitnick, together with 13 presidents of the Student Body, recapped a letter, asking the University to implement leniency in grading similar to 2020 semester Pass/Fail. The letter was given to the UW-Madison administration members, where ASM leaders endorsed it. 


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