On 23rd March 2021, the Swedish wind energy giant, Eolus Vind, announced establishing a camp in Poland to tap into the barely utilized green energy market. Poland is s just starting to crawl in the clean energy sector, with seventy percent of its electricity coming from coal. Eolus is taking this opportunity to expand its business in the country as one of its growth strategies.

The company boasts of establishing over five hundred wind turbines in Sweden sold to customers as turnkey facilities. It focuses on establishing onshore and offshore wind and Photovoltaic solar plants in Poland under the leadership of Daniel Larsson, the new country manager.

Larsson joins Eolus from the Swedish Embassy, where he worked with investors and the government in energy and climate-related projects. He has also worked as the head of Business Sweden in Poland, Romania, and Ukraine.

“It is going to be very exciting to lead and head Eolus operations in Poland,” said Larsson. “The market has great potential and Eolus has all the possibilities to be a successful part of the necessary transition of the Polish energy market.”

The Polish market is an excellent opportunity for Eolus seeing that the European country depends mainly on coal for power. The government plans to ditch coal mines for renewable energy by 2049 to elevate it to the levels of its close neighbors, such as Germany, and uphold the Paris Agreement target of zero-carbon targets.

“Eolus has identified growth potential in Poland and the entry of the Polish market aligns with our ambitions for growth. I am very pleased with our recruitment of Daniel Larsson and I’m convinced that Eolus will establish a successful presence in one of Europe’s most exciting markets for renewable energy and energy storage,” said Per Witalisson, Eolus CEO.

Clean energy is still a new field for the Polish market and accounts for only eighteen percent of its electricity supply. Eolus targets the transition from fossil fuel to solar and wind energy. It will develop and construct onshore and offshore wind plants and solar arrays and offer sales and asset management services at competitive prices to benefit Polish consumers and the energy sector.

“I look forward to being able to offer our customers competitive investments in Poland,” added Witalisson. Poland was the fourth country in Europe with the most additions of solar PV plants. The wind sector is also promising, and the country ranked ninth in Europe in onshore and offshore wind installations.


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