Tesla is the pioneer of electric vehicles since it dates back when the planet started the green energy campaign. However, some Chinese are opting to get a local EV like Nio instead of Tesla. Nio is a Chinese carmaker dating a few years after Tesla. In the recent report, some Chinese have shown interest in their local EVs in comparison to Tesla. Despite Tesla being the leading company in high-end electric vehicles, why do some people choose to buy from local brands such as Nio, Li Auto, and Xpeng? Researchers have taken first-hand data from EVs’ owners, and here are some of the reasons.

The primary consideration is the price. Who wouldn’t with the current economy? A resident in China, Chen Yingjie, who is 42 years settled for a Li Auto SUV in 2020, which cost 300,000 yuan, equal to $46,000. The purchase was after considering the same car but from Nio will cost almost twice the amount. The initial starting price of Nio may be low, but they come with features that require additional cost. Previously Chen bought an Xpeng’s G3 a year earlier and in 2020, a BYD for his dad.

Nio’s marketing strategy includes selling many features via a subscription; for instance, the battery as a service feature is a monthly fee equal to the standard fuel charge. Wang Jingyan, 29, invested in a Nio ES6 for 450,000 yuan in 2019, claiming that the customer services are perfect. He explained that Tesla’s Model 3 was not an option since there were no excellent reviews from his friends’ experiences in customer services.

The Driving range is another area of concern for customers. Zhang Zhen, a resident in Northern China, the main problem was how far a car could drive in a single battery charge. Last fall, his family invested in  Li-One, which includes a fuel tank to charge your battery. With the tank, you can boost the driving range from 180 km to 800 km.

Another major factor is Government support since the Chinese government support local developments. Currently, the country is working on building a national charging network. However, compared to the United States, China has limited parking spaces making it hard to access charging stations. The Li Auto’s brands include a fuel tank to help in the charging process.

Chinese drivers opt for the local option since it is cheaper and faster to get license plates and other documents. Initially, it takes forever to get license plates, and this is why people are opting for the local EVs since you will get them fast as the country works on decarbonizing the environment. Tesla is a fantastic carmaker with exciting features and offers, but with some of the difficulties you will face, some residents are opting to go for the local EVs.


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