Volvo Cars stated that it is switching to fully electric cars to enlarge its utilities with the upcoming changes in the automotive industry. The chief executive of Volvo Cars, Håkan Samuelsson, said that the key to remaining relevant in the transportation sector is the electrification of the car models for this company.

He added that crucial support for this transition would be investing in the charging stations for these electric vehicles. This statement came during the rollout of the C40 Recharge model. The company has been developing this crossover through the CMA vehicle portfolio to understand where it stands in the electric vehicle market. The C40 Recharge model is the second car in this line of products but the first to be developed as a purely electric vehicle.

Volvo Cars decided that its electric and hybrid cars would run under the Recharge tag name. Therefore, the company’s second model in this sector became XC40 Recharge. This car will be utilizing an infotainment system developed by Google because the company has proved through Android that it can operate software updates efficiently.

The chief technical officer of Volvo Cars, Henrik Green, stated that this model would be the first purely electric vehicle for the company with the first unique components that it has developed. The car will be hosting two motors and a battery capable of 260 miles before demanding a recharge. Additionally, the model will be advancing through software updates. The company’s production team revealed that production for the XC40 Recharge will be starting at the company’s Ghent manufacturing facility in Belgium.

Volvo Cars explained that it hopes to achieve 50% electrification of these cars with the sales also operating at this percentage. The CEO added that they are hopeful that they can start manufacturing electric vehicles in all the production centers by the end of this decade. Samuelsson thinks that the company is headed in the electrification direction with the company distributing its Recharge models all over Europe.

The company developed the electric models alongside Plug-in hybrids to cater to both the low-income customers and the other classes. Samuelsson reiterated that they expect to go all-electric with the prices of the models being displayed online to get as many customers as possible. Additionally, the customers will enjoy buying the car together with a customer care package to motivate high uptake.

The company is also planning to minimize the bureaucracy involved between ordering the model’s delivery to the customer. Other companies that have expressed similar interests include General Motors and Jaguar, which want to compete with Tesla for the market.

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