All the continents on the planet have one goal, to take up mitigation measures and deal with the climatic fluctuations. For years, many of the products and businesses have been posing dangerous effects on the environment. However, government administrations are working hard to create a green world with net-zero emissions. One of the most affected industries is the transport industry. And this fact explains the need to invest in clean vehicles.

From a recent report, statics show that the cleanest ride this year is electric cars. These conclusions are based on the latest GreenerCars ratings report by the American Council. The organization deals with achieving an Energy-Efficient Economy. Also, statics are taken after research and study of over 1000 brands. These models are either conventional gas cars, diesel-powered vehicles, electric models, or plug-in hybrids, and they include the use of batteries and gasoline.

The rating process involves the study of each vehicle’s relative environmental friendliness. With that, the organization can give an overall green score. The score is expressed in terms of 100-point where the higher number means a greener vehicle compared to a low point score. In the current list, seven of the top models are powered by electric power, and the main reason for the top score is the zero-emission feature. The other vehicles on the list are either gas/electric-powered hybrids or plug-in hybrids. They may emit CO2, but the amount is less in comparison to conventionally powered rides.

The top models are the electric Hyundai Ioniq and MINI Cooper SE, where the two have a point score of 70 points. Naturally, consumers tend to invest more in large vehicles. However, 2020 marks the first year in history where large cars such as pickups, trucks outsold sedans. Many automakers are placing their money on electric cars since the current trends indicate increased EVs. There are government policies on fuel-engine cars.

General Motors hopes to bring about twenty new EVs by 2023. On the other hand, Hyundai is currently working on at least 23 new electric vehicles to launch by 2025. Jeep motors are working on offering electrified options for each of their brand by 2022. The senior researcher of ACEEE, Peter Huether, explained how the statics show a promising future with many more efficient greener machine options. He stated that customers would enjoy the multiple options that carmakers will deliver.

Other than details on emissions, ACEEE works on the impact each vehicle will have on the environment. You can currently access the top cleanest machines in 2021 via the GreenerCars database, including various models with different energy sources. The list also includes Toyota Prius Prime, BMW i3s, Nissan Leaf, Honda Clarity, Hyundai Kona, Kia Soul, Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus, Toyota RAV4 Prime, Toyota Corolla, and Honda insight.

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