Trump, Pence announce plan to privatize air traffic control

By: June 5, 2017 10:46 amViews: 79

WASHINGTON – Together at the White House on Monday Vice President Pence announced plans to privatize the air traffic control system of the United States.

Donald Trump in an unusually scripted speech said “we’re still stuck with a horrible system that doesn’t work, other than that its quite good.”

“This is a coalition of change we have here in the industry” Trump said, adding that by turning over the air traffic control system over to a self-financing non-profit entity charged with ensuring route efficiency and maintain support for rural and airfields used by air national guard, he would make America “great again.”

The 30,000 Federal jobs within the air traffic control system would be privatized, essentially decreasing the size of the federal government, would still still needs legislative approval from Congress.

Democrats and many Republicans have been critical of this plan because it does not do anything to contribute to the economy or increase domestic spending, as in the 2009 stimulus.


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