High-end Nob Hill jeweler exhibits local talent

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This week the Tribune spoke to Luis Nolasco, owner of IMEC, located on Central and Amherst in Nob Hill. Luis opened IMEC in 1999 and the business has been a great success. Luis opened the high-end jewelry boutique with the purpose of creating more accessible retail spaces for local artists looking to showcase their work.

“My initial goal was to represent and exhibit all the amazing local talent because there was not a placing showing the work, I knew there was talent here but no one was showing it.” said Nolasco.

Nolasco studied small metals at The University of New Mexico and at the Rhode Island school of design. He works in metals, from platinum to steel. He creates mainly jewelry but does little bit of everything. He describes his style as straightforward and minimal, but using oversized materials, simple and clean designs and unique visual presentation. He enjoys using non-traditional designs that are seen less in mainstream jewelry stores. Nolasco wants to create and showcase jewelry with character and presence.

Recently he has been exploring pattern work and textiles. He also wants to experiment working with porcelain and incorporating it into the metal work. The shop is now featuring an elaborate Christmas window using soft sculpture.

Ruth Tomlinson is IMEC’s newest feature artist is from London. She graduated from the academy of Royal Arts, a prestigious design school there. Tomlinson combines raw diamonds with traditional diamonds in a unique and creative way.

“The designs are kind of rough, there is something graceful and almost feminine, which is difficult to achieve using these materials, this is what we are really looking for with jewelry.” Nolasco said.

When asked about the environment for local artists in Albuquerque, Nolasco said, “I actually think Albuquerque is in a good spot right now, in the last two to three years there has been a cycle of new energy and new artists, it seems like what Albuquerque is doing is working.”

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