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We are among the fastest growing online news sources in New Mexico. We publish online through our website which gets 7,500 visitors every week, and through our mobile site, which represents over 70% of our online visitors. To book ads call us 505-933-8193 Weekdays 9am-4pm.

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We are the most popular statewide weekly newspaper and the most affordable ad buy in the state of New Mexico. When Nielsen asked people whether they thought which media is “trustworthy,” print newspapers outranked all other options by 58% of respondents.

We offer our readers substantive coverage on education, inequality, public health, affordable housing, climate change, homelessness, public safety, labor standards, Native American population, and other critical and timely local concerns. News people can trust from an independent newspaper not owned by an outside corporation.


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We print over 75+ news articles, data-rich features, opinion columns, and all the puzzles and comics you expect from any newspaper.

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A study by Frank N. Magid Associates found that 40% of U.S. adults have taken an action online, and 78% of adults have taken action in person, as a result of seeing an ad in a print newspaper in the last month.


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