Twitter Plunges 10% After Musk Withdraws His Offer

Twitter experiences a real bloodletting on the stock market on the first day after Elon Musk’s official refusal to continue with the operation to become the company. Despite the fact that since the start of the session the social network had already lost 7%, the evolution on the parquet has been detrimental to its price and has reached 10% in the red. However, at 19:30 Twitter is left about 8.9%.

Elon Musk announced last Friday a couple of hours after Wall Street closed, that he was giving up buying Twitter. The agreement to privatize the company for more than 46,000 million dollars dies before having become effective after obtaining the yes of all parties. The reason given by the South African tycoon is that the company would be giving him false information about the bots, a key element of his future strategy for the company.

The termination of the contract has a clause of 1,000 million dollars, but Elon Musk has already hinted that they will not pay anything because he understands that it is Twitter who has breached the pact due to its ‘falsehoods’ about the data they were asked for after reaching the agreement . But for the company, not even 1,000 million would be enough and it has already announced that it will take Musk to court to force him to complete the operation.

Musk has already responded to Twitter’s intentions to sue him and, ironically, he has done so with a meme through the social network itself. In that sense, Elon Musk has shared an image in which the businessman can be seen laughing at the fact that due to the complaint they will have to present the real data about the bots on the platform that Elon Musk would have asked from the beginning.

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