Castilla y León Makes Aid To ERTE Workers More Flexible

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Employment has published this Monday the call for aid for employees in a temporary employment regulation file (ERTE) with “more accessible” requirements.

The Board, in a statement, has explained that salary supplement aid is made more accessible to people in ERTE by eliminating the inclusion of the spouse in the maximum income level , raising the contribution base to 2,000 euros, reducing the time in ERTE to 30 days, expanding the tranches and amounts and, finally, by giving access to companies with up to 1,000 workers.

This call is a line of help aimed, in the area of ​​Castilla y León, at workers affected by employment regulation files, suspension of employment contracts or reduction of working hours, from companies in crisis.

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Thus, the Ministry has modified the requirements for access to help for employees in ERTE to make it more accessible, with the modification of five points, and try to ensure that the salary supplement reaches the greatest number of households possible .

In the first place, the inclusion of the spouse or de facto partner to determine the maximum level of income to be a beneficiary is eliminated, specifically the requirement “that the annual level of income of the person requesting the aid and of their spouse, or in your case of the other member of the de facto couple registered in the corresponding Official Registry, is at least 3.5 times equal to or less than the value of the IPREM in force at the time of publication of the extract of this summons order in the Bulletin Officer of Castile and León”.

Secondly, the maximum contribution base to be a beneficiary of the aid is raised, which goes from 1,400 euros to 2,000 euros, so that previously it was stated “that the contribution base for common contingencies, including the proportional part of extraordinary payments, does not exceeds 1,400 euros per month for a full-time contract , or the proportional amount in the cases of workers linked to the company by a part-time employment contract, with a full-time employment contract with reduced working hours and in cases in which that the worker has contributed for a contribution period of less than one full calendar month”. Now, with the same wording, the amount is raised to 2,000 euros.

Less time and more amount
On the other hand, the minimum time spent in an ERTE to be a beneficiary of the aid is reduced, going from 40 days to 30 days and the previous wording is changed, which reads as follows: “that the worker has had suspended or reduced their contract as a result of one or several employment regulation files, at least 30 days within the eligible period included in the call”.

In addition, the amounts are increased , going from 250, 333 and 376 euros to 300, 500 and 700 euros. In this way, it is contemplated that “the financial aid will be established as a fixed amount, determined by the interval to which the beneficiary belongs” and “said interval is configured based on the number of full days of suspension” and a first interval is established between 30 and 49 days of full days of suspension with an amount of 300 euros; a second between 50 and 69 days of work with 500 euros; and a third of 70 or more days with 700 euros.

Likewise, the maximum number of workers that the company in which the worker provides or has provided his services is increased, going from 250 to 1,000 workers.

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