Biztribution Opens Up To Venture Capital To Sell Air Tickets

The startup changes the travel and tourism sector with a new distribution model for airlines based on technology to optimize and gain efficiency in travel.

The startup Biztribution reinvents the business distribution model in the tourism and travel sector with a new and innovative system, which makes it possible to eliminate the complaints and inconveniences of the current one, characterized by being centralized and in which the information is grouped and managed by a few agents within an expensive market.

The proposal of this young company is based on a totally disintermediated business distribution model for air travel based on blockchain . “Our network has to be authorized because invoices have to be issued and our architecture is modular. We develop technology beyond the blockchain network,” explains Juan Antonio Navarro, CEO and founder of Biztribution, to

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The B2B system is also based on smart contracts with which it is made easier for the industry in the sector to fulfill obligations without the participation of third parties, with full traceability, and each party having control of its own content. Added to these features is a simple interface, which will result in cost reduction for providers.

This developed system “moves the assets of the traditional industry” of the sector, such as inventories, rates or passenger records, among others. “We make a change in the business model in which we are different, as well as in the application of technology.”

Precisely, the technological field has focused the first stage of the development of this model that is undertaken in three stages. “Perhaps it is the most complex” when encompassing how to do the searches. “We are able to say how you have to go to a destination, the flights, the fare, the cabin or the number of seats”, among other data. In addition, unlike other programs used in the sector, all the airports in the world are included, incorporating those less known or less common destinations. “We even have rare airports” for which, when searching with other systems, no results would be obtained. In addition, Biztribution has the ability to calculate the fastest way to travel, an option that is also available even if you have to make stops and take several flights.

This model, which has been created by the startup from scratch, includes two more development phases focused on the reservation and vision of documents. “It is important to work on these two developments for regulation, since countries want to know who is traveling in advance.”

Biztribution is carrying out some proofs of concept with airlines, while, in parallel, it continues to work on the next phases of this system. A process for which the startup is open to the entry of venture capital. “We are not looking for acceleration -we are already in a certain phase of maturity-, but capital because, until all the development is completed, it will not be marketed. It is a medium-term project”because, in addition, certificates, audits, support and delivery processes are required…

“Airplanes are required to be safe and companies apply this security to all processes.” The forecast is that it will be available in the year 2023, at least, with a minimum viable product, although the date “will depend on the investment and resources” of this startup born as a result of the experience of its three partners in the aviation sector.

Technology to solve problems
Biztribution began in 2019 to work on this new way of understanding the travel and tourism industry, starting with all the research to find out if blockchain technology was capable of responding to the needs of the sector “because it has to be a technology that is proof of pumps with more than 7,000 million passengers” in the world.

It was not the only challenge, since the company is also committed to another vision for the travel and tourism sector, which represented 10.4% of GDP in 2019 with 9.2 billion USD .

This vision also goes through solving the inconveniences and problems produced by the changes that have been taking place in the sector with the arrival of the Internet, experiencing an important revolution in the way of marketing the tickets for the different flights; the creation of their own systems in the sector such as Galileo or Amadeus, among others by companies or groups, and the birth of companies that use technology to, for example, compare the different flights and offer the cheapest to the consumer to respond to those needs of users who travel every year.

The startup Biztribution has been a finalist in the Emprende XXI awards in Aragón , organized by CaixaBank, through DayOne, and co-awarded by the Ministry of Industry through ENISA. In addition, in the community, there is the collaboration of the Fundación Aragón Emprende. In addition, Biztribution has participated in the DesafíaSan Francisco Program, promoted by ICEX and, among others.

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