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New Mexico Tribune newspaper is a place where local life unfolds with regional, local content and popular features, including News, Arts & Style, Food, Local Living, and Travel. We offer our readers substantive coverage on education, inequality, public health, affordable housing, climate change, homelessness, public safety, labor standards, Native American population, and other critical and timely local concerns. News people can trust from an independent newspaper not owned by an outside corporation. News from every county in New Mexico.


Our Story

In 2012 a local student named Paul Telles had the original idea for a truly state-wide newspaper unlike anything available before, available in every county in New Mexico. The name New Mexico Tribune was chosen and in 2016, a few years after the original idea, Paul started the newspaper officially while he still worked full time at a local call center.


Our Company

New Mexico Tribune is home owned and operated in New Mexico since 2016, operated as a Limited Liability Company with offices in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Our writing staff of Independent Contractors publish independently produced data-rich news stories from across the entire state of New Mexico in print, online and mobile. We also republish national news from our partners and our local news is published by other news outlets everyday.

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